Freesten International Architekt GmbH has
been founded In 1989 in karlsruhe of german.
Now a comprehensive professional team
consists of more than 500 outstanding
architects,urban planners, interior designers,
experts and artistsIn related fields gathered

Freesten Group has completed a number 
of well-known design projects in the
wholeglobe in 2000. With a common ideal
FreestenArchitecturalGroup and its expert
designers are filled with creativity.In the mid
of 1990s, aiming to more efficient
managementand projects

the Group opened new branch
Groups in the city of BerlinMadrid, Orleans,
New Jersey and Rotterdam. All the Groups
provide valuableprofessional design services for
the clients,the works are much more welcomed
all over the world.

In 2004,Freesten participate in a variety of
projects,including international contests,
governmentcommission, and real estate
development. TheGroup began to do business
in China,and setup offices in HongKong,
Shanghai,Shenzhen,Shengyang, jiangshu.

The business involved many areas such as
urbanplanning and design,public architecture,
landscape design, planning and design of
municipal roads,high-end residential,architectural
interior design,building renovation design.
In 2007, Freesten International Setting offices
in Hangzhou, China.